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Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer

Summer is in full swing at enVision. Everything in Texas is moving a little slower and the invitation of the cool water from the lake is so inviting this year. A spring full of rain has been an exciting moment for our lake front community. Things have finally started to settle down. The last year brought a great deal of excitement to our little office. One wedding, two babies, and a new office later… I am here thinking how relaxing this summer has been without planning a wedding, also, our two new mamas are adjusting to the balance family, and we have officially moved into our new office complete with light fixtures and decor on the walls. While I love the moments of work that are fast paced and exciting, I also enjoy the time to just be creative and free. We are ready to begin the next publication design, writers are finishing up stories, photographers are clicking away, and our advertisers are all set. So, just for a moment while writing this post, we are going take a moment to celebrate a sweet summer.

Welcome to Your New WordPress Site

Welcome to Your New WordPress Site

Your new WordPress site requires two parts to achieve success.

  • A fresh and intriguing design
  • Relevant content

At enVision Creative Services, we help businesses build visually pertinent and interesting websites.  In addition, we provide content strategy.  These two tactics are most important when building a successful website for your business.

Our clients range from small businesses, to restaurants, retail, municipal entities, health care, real estate, travel and event planning.  Part of my job is meeting with each client to better understand their business and assist them with a proper content strategy.  We pinpoint your demographic and hypothesize how your users will navigate your new site.

The benefit of utilizing WordPress as our content management system is that WordPress is founded on the idea of self publishing.  This allows our clients to input their content and keep it consistently updated and relevant.

For some clients, this is very exciting news.  It allows them to really tailor their site to showcase the business in the most personal way.  With a scheduled, in-house tutorial, they are able to complete and manage their site, as well as save some dollars toward the cost of a brand new site.  For others, this task seems quite daunting.  And it can be, many of our clients at enVision have questions about content placement, understanding SEO and most importantly, how to show up on Google first.  There are many strategies to achieve these goals.  However, each client is different and as such, each requires their own plan.  Our team can give you the site and the tools to do this.  We are successful web designers, we make it our business to stay on top of trends and we are here to answer your questions.

Isn’t It Grand : Grand Opening

Isn’t It Grand : Grand Opening

There are certain moments in your life that you can say without a doubt serve as a beginning or an end to a Chapter. Last night was definitely a moment where I felt a new chapter beginning.  After a year of closing a few doors and evaluating our surroundings, enVision has grown on a solid foundation and we were ready to celebrate.  We often sit behind our computers and create, but last night we invited the community to our ribbon cutting and grand opening event for our new space and I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of enVision Creative Services.  Being a small business owner is a weird place,  it is hard work with countless hours and often has more pressure than I feel am able to handle at times, but at the end of the day you just celebrate anyway.

We took some time to look back on how far things have come, how they have evolved and the positive impact we can have. I have been told many times to not take business personal, and I have to agree, but I have yet to learn how an artist who puts her heart and soul into her work does that.  But by the support we received last night I think I recognize that it’s okay to give something everything you have because it just makes the return that much greater.

Last night with our families by our sides we cut a ribbon,  to most it is only a ribbon, but to us it symbolizes a bigger start, more support, opening our doors even wider, and expanding our reach. Thank you to everyone who came, and also to those who couldn’t, we know you were there in spirit.  We look forward to working with you. We look forward to growing your businesses. We look forward to highlighting the community, and we look forward to continuing to express ourselves creatively through our careers and nurturing our families.  Thank you for allowing that to be a reality and thank you for being the place we call home, Granbury.

Choose us for your next creative project, and if you don’t have one, dream one up.  Life is short.



Downtown Fort Worth Street Photography

As a photographer, it is always fun to get out of town, even if it is just down the road. There is something about seeing new scenery that brings the rush of looking though a lense to another level.  Recently I went to Downtown Fort Worth with my Nikon and a 50mm 1.8 lense, to do some street photography. Here are few of my favorites: